This is a creative and artistic hosting domain that I created because I want to give some talented people online to have a chance in showing and sharing their work. This is not an 'elite' hosting.. I accept anyone whom I think has the talent, potential and skills to be a wonderful artist. I say I'm picky, but that doesn't mean that I will only accept the bestest... If you have the heart, and the vision in your work, I will definitely think about giving you a home here. Art is not always something that looks pretty in the eye.. but it's what inside and behind the art itself that's important and meaningful. If you're looking for a home that will gain you some popularity or fame, than this is not the place for you. There are plenty of others out there that you can try, in fact most of other big hosting domains out there today are 'elite'.. But not this one. We're just a family of striving and down to earth artists or even wannabes who just want to share some of our talent with everyone online. =)

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